Top Burbank Dentist – Vivian Tom DDS

The next time you need to have any dental work done, make sure to come visit one of the top Dentists in Burbank, CA.  Vivian Tom has been in the practice for 20 years, and her office can handle everything from routine dental work to the latest in cosmetic dental procedures.  Vivian Tom is Brighter certified, ensuring high quality and affordable service to the Burbank community.  So whether you just need a cleaning or you want to find out the best way to improve the appearance and health of your teeth, don’t leave the outcome in the hands of anyone but the professionals–choose Vivian Tom, DDS, one of the top Dentists in Burbank, CA.

Your Cosmetic Dental Professional

For years customers have returned to Vivian Tom for their routine exams, cleanings, and cavity fillings.  They come back for the professional care and friendly environment they’ve come to expect with their routine dental work, but Vivian Tom’s range of services extends far beyond the simple procedures we all need, and her office is one of Burbank’s top choices for cosmetic needs as well.  There are many ways to improve the visual appeal of your smile, ranging from bleaching or smoothing your teeth to getting caps and crowns.  Vivian Tom’s office offers these cosmetic options from a knowledgeable staff and the advanced techniques that will leave your new smile dazzling new and old acquaintances alike.  Stop by today to talk to the experts and find out how you can be making a better first impression with your smile.

Repair or Restore Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy and secure is even more important than maintaining their appearance, and that’s why you shouldn’t put off any of the important procedures that will keep your smile healthy for years to come.  Vivian Tom is also one of the top dentists in Burbank, CA for key restorative procedures like implant restoration and bridgework.  You don’t have to live with the pain or inconvenience of damaged teeth any longer than you want to, stop by today to get the care you deserve from one of Burbank’s top dentists.  We also handle dentures, extractions, and many other dental procedures, so for all your dental needs, visit Vivian Tom.

Centrally Located & Family-Friendly

Our office is conveniently located right off the 5 freeway on 1818 Burbank Blvd.  We offer Burbank’s best in family dental care, so make sure to bring everyone along for their checkup and cleaning.  Call now or simply stop by the office to make an appointment for any of your dental needs.

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