Do I need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

Many people are under the impression that having their wisdom teeth pulled is inevitable. And while the majority do need to have them removed at some point, understanding why you may (or may not) need to lose a few teeth can be helpful. Although some dental professionals recommend pulling the wisdom teeth once they come in (between your late teens and early twenties) as preemptive care, the following reasons are the most prominent:

You’re in pain: When wisdom teeth only come through halfway, it makes it incredibly easy for food and bacteria to get trapped in the gums surrounding them, resulting in painful infections. Having the teeth pulled eliminates this issue and helps to prevent further infection.

They aren’t straight: Wisdom teeth coming in crooked are one of the most common causes of shifting in the rest of your teeth. This can not only damage the teeth next to the wisdom teeth, but can also alter the straightening accomplished with braces.

They just don’t fit: In some cases, your mouth simply cannot accommodate all 32 teeth when the wisdom teeth come in, resulting in an inability for the new teeth to come through property or excessive crowding in the mouth.

No matter what the reason, getting your wisdom teeth pulled isn’t nearly as scary as most seem to think, and recovery is often relatively simple, especially in teeth that are already fully through.

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